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Diligent Representation For Psychologists Facing Disciplinary Actions

Facing disciplinary action from the Tennessee Board of Examiners of Psychology (TBEP) can be a confusing and emotionally draining experience. At Durak Law, we understand the immense pressure psychologists like you face when your professional license and reputation are on the line. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with the diligent psychologist license defense you need throughout the entire process.

Our attorney, with their in-depth knowledge of TBEP disciplinary procedures and regulations, will meticulously analyze the specifics of your psychologist disciplinary action case. This allows us to develop a strategic defense plan tailored to address the unique challenges you face, whether it's allegations of substandard care, negligence, boundary violations, improper recordkeeping, prescription issues, or even situations involving criminal charges. We will work tirelessly to gather evidence, interview witnesses if necessary, and build a strong case that effectively defends your reputation and professional license.

We are committed to clear and consistent communication. We will keep you informed of all developments in your psychologist license defense case and explain the legal complexities in a way that is easy to understand. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and voice your concerns throughout the process.

Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. This may involve negotiating a favorable settlement with the Board, or if necessary, representing you forcefully at a formal psychologist disciplinary hearing. We understand the importance of minimizing the potential consequences you face, whether it's a reprimand, license suspension, or even revocation.

Don't go through this challenging situation alone. Durak Law is here to be your trusted advisor and advocate during this difficult time. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you navigate the complexities of a Tennessee psychologist license defense.

Common Reasons for Disciplinary Actions

Psychologists play a vital role in our communities, providing crucial mental health services. However, even the most dedicated professionals can face accusations of misconduct. Here at Durak Law, we have extensive experience representing psychologists in a variety of disciplinary matters, including:

  • Substandard Care: This encompasses allegations of failing to meet the standard of care expected of a psychologist in a particular situation.
  • Negligence: This could involve accusations of causing harm to a client through your actions or inactions.
  • Boundary Violations: Disciplinary action may be taken if there are allegations of inappropriate relationships with clients.
  • Improper Recordkeeping: Failing to maintain accurate and complete client records can lead to disciplinary action.
  • Prescription Issues: Psychologists in Tennessee with prescribing privileges can face disciplinary action for improper prescribing practices.
  • Criminal Charges: Criminal convictions can also impact your psychologist license.

What is the disciplinary process for psychologists accused of misconduct?

If you're facing accusations of misconduct from the Tennessee Board of Examiners of Psychology, it's crucial to understand the formal process that follows. Here's a breakdown of the potential steps involved:

  1. Complaint Filing: The process starts with a formal complaint filed against you with the Board. This complaint can come from a client, colleague, or even a third party.
  2. Investigation: Upon receiving the complaint, the Board will initiate an investigation. This may involve reviewing documents, interviewing witnesses, and gathering evidence relevant to the allegations. The Board may also contact you to request your perspective on the situation.
  3. Formal Hearing: If no settlement is reached during the disposition conference, a formal hearing will be scheduled. This is a quasi-judicial proceeding where both sides present evidence and arguments before a hearing officer or panel. You have the right to be represented by legal counsel at this stage.
  4. Decision and Order: Following the hearing, the Board will issue a written decision and order. This document will outline the Board's findings regarding the allegations and any potential disciplinary actions, which could range from dismissal of the complaint to a reprimand, license suspension, or even revocation.

Don't wait to take action. The sooner you contact an experienced attorney after receiving a complaint, the faster they can build your defense. Remember, the Tennessee Board must follow due process, guaranteeing you a fair chance to defend yourself. Understanding the potential consequences of each disciplinary action, from dismissal to license revocation, is vital. 

Why Choose Durak Law Firm For Your Professional License Defense?

Facing disciplinary action from the Tennessee Board of Examiners of Psychology can be a frightening ordeal. Your career and reputation hang in the balance. At Durak Law, we understand this immense pressure and offer the experienced, dedicated legal representation you need. 

Michal Durakiewicz's background, rooted in a family of medical professionals, grants us a unique perspective on the challenges psychologists face. We can effectively translate these complexities into the legal sphere while treating you with compassion and respect throughout the process. 

We'll be there to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide unwavering support. When necessary, we will be your aggressive advocate, fighting tirelessly to protect your rights and explore all avenues to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. 

At Durak Law, we believe every psychologist deserves a fair chance, and we're committed to providing the skilled legal representation you need to safeguard your license and career. Contact us today so that we can get to work for you!

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