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Sexual Assault And Misconduct Attorney In Franklin, Tennessee

Your Rights Against Sexual Assault and Misconduct

Sexual assault and misconduct are serious crimes that can have dire consequences on students. Fortunately, education law provides legal protection against such conduct by requiring educational institutions to create policies and procedures meant to address sexual assault cases. Durak Law in Franklin, Tennessee has experience handling these cases and can provide legal advice regarding a student’s rights under education law. 

If you feel that your rights have been violated due to sexual assault or any other form of on-campus misconduct, it is important to contact Michael Durak, an experienced attorney today who understands education law.

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How To Take Action For On-Campus Misconduct With Durak Law

Once a student is aware of their legal protections against sexual assault or misconduct, they may wish to take action against an individual who has committed these offenses. Durak Law understands this process and can guide a student through making sure the proper steps are taken in taking legal actions. Our firm will ensure that all necessary paperwork is done correctly so that any court proceedings are smooth sailing for our clients seeking justice. 

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Taking Legal Action

Even if you aren't involved in any criminal activity related to sexual assault or misconduct, you may be a victim of other on-campus offenses such as bullying, harassment, or discrimination. Durak Law in Franklin, Tennessee is experienced in handling these cases and can ensure your rights are protected under education law. Our firm will work to help you seek justice for the wrongdoings committed against you on campus. 

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